Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes




OCTOBER  21, 2023 11:00 AM


Meeting called to order at 11:03 by Susan Bryan (Fairwood)


Head Table: President: Susan Bryan (Fairwood); Vice President: Carol Sohn (Meadow Springs); Recording Secretary: Trina Postle (Fairwood); Executive Secretary: Beth Jensen Chew (Fircrest); Past President: Charlie Gele (Bear Creek), Treasurer Nominee: Sally Irvine (Twin Lakes)


Roll Call: Carlotta Jarrat (Bellingham), Karen Hepler (Broadmoor), Cheryl Vincent (Everett), Sharon Johnston (Fircrest) Doris Rogers (Glen Acres), Joyce Moen (Glendale), Gretchen Klein (Grays Harbor), Judy Wick (Inglewood), Becky Robbins & Kristy Whitcher (Kitsap), Wendy Geltz (Linden), Dodie Fitzsimmons (Meridian Valley), Judy Weitz (Mill Creek), Pamela Boehm (Olympia), Gwynne Johnson (Overlake), Jane Harris & Leslie Folsom (Rainier), Michelle Hood & Barbara Heiner (Sahalee), Ann Swanson (Sand Point), Janet Peterson (Seattle), Sandy Oberg (Skagit), Cat Felker (Useless Bay), Joan Schille (Walla Walla), Terri Schaake (Yakima).


Minutes of the meeting of July 25, 2023, were approved as written.


Treasurer’s Report:

              Patty Chandler prepared the report, and it was presented by Sally Irvine. The name on the bank account has been transferred to Sally; however, Patty’s name will remain on the account.

              Patty will leave her stipend in the treasury fund.

Most of the books have been sold. The $2,550 fixed expense will be covered with the sale of the additional books. Once books are received, they will be distributed.


Presidents Report:

              Susan Bryan announced that the 2024 WSWGA State Championship will be hosted by Fairwood on July 22, 23rd and 24th. The theme is “Fly Me to the Moon.”  Beth Chew will provide an updated list to Susan Bryan and a save-the-date will be distributed within a few weeks.


Executive Secretary Report

              All State Medal Winners each received a WSWGA etched glass art piece. Division 1, 0-20 Nancy Allison (Useless Bay) -8.5; Division 2, 21-26 Larinda Morson (Meridian Valley) -4.8; Division 3, 27-33 Patti Iddings (Fairwood) -7.2; Division 4, 34-40 Linda Phillips (Fircrest) -3.6.

Question raised about whether individuals may purchase WSWGA etched prize glass art. The consensus was that individuals may order and purchase art directly from Sterling Cut Glass.  Prize gifts will not be made available for individual purchase.


Reports of the Committees

              Discussion on WSWGA Tournament Funding Cost was led by Michelle Hood and she distributed a report in writing. 20 clubs participated and 65 people returned the Cost Control Survey. The poll measured what was most important to players and what may be able to be eliminated. The consensus was that the survey findings, i.e., tee prizes, should be utilized to guide the decisions of the club that is hosting an event. Photography may be situated in Golf Genius.

              General comments from the survey that have significance and should be evaluated when planning an event include importance of social gatherings (lunch and dinner) being important for camaraderie and the “spirit” of the tournament; If a club chooses not to host breakfast, make a list of easy places to get breakfast for those who have traveled for the tournament; Theme decorations do set the tone of the tournament. There needs to be a budgeted amount for decorations; Photo backdrops should be timeless and reusable; Bag tags might depend on the wishes of the pro shop. If the course is going to store clubs, consider a dedicated tag that they can find and identify easily; It seems like all the printed materials contain information that can be handled on Golf Genius; Don’t overspend on the “extras”; Trophies/prizes should be engraved with the event name logo and place/flight, etc.

Discussion on the cost, customization and funding of the player charms was led by Beth Chew. It was proposed that the player charms would no longer be funded by WSWGA but made available for purchase. The proposal passed unanimously.

Discussion on the status of tournament hosts’ funds was led by Beth Chew. Questions were raised about event outcome information. Should each hosting club report how much they raised and how much money was spent? If money is left over will that money be given to WSWGA?

It was mentioned that four 18-hole clubs pay $150 and 9-hole clubs pay $330 because they do not host an event. That is an extra $180 from each club for a total of $720. Should this money go to the general fund, or should a stipend be given to the hosting club be changed?  

Dues increase was raised, and the consensus is that all will work out with extra money going toward hosting clubs.

Beth Chew and Michelle Hood will meet and discuss a reasonable amount courses can count on and send an email to the Trustees.


Old Business

              The championship tournament results held at Bear Creek were led by Charlie Gele. In years past, Seattle Times coverage was better. Food and alcohol costs were the cause of the increase in costs for the event.  Everything is higher since COVID-19.

              Discussion on the photos being placed on WSWGA website and additional access through Golf Genius portal were recommended. Charlie Gele will send photos to Leslie Folsom and Jane Harris.

              Beth commented that thank you notes were completed.

              Discussion ensued on the dress code language for WSWGA Championship Tournament and Senior Women’s Championship. It was proposed that the dress code provisions of the host club be accepted. The proposal was passed unanimously.

              Jane Harris and Leslie Folsom continue to update the WSWGA Website and referred Trustees to visit site for review. Leslie encouraged Trustees to communicate corrections, suggestions, and general input for the organization of the site.

Beth Chew will submit PDF information.  There was a suggestion to link the site to Golf Genius.

              Trustees thanked Jane and Leslie for all their work on the website and they mentioned that they received a great amount of support from Mandar and are rewarding him with golf lessons.

              Championship Pace of Play & Rules was presented by Michelle Hood. She stressed the importance of players’ knowledge of the basic rules and adherence to pace of play.

              Beth Chew recommended hosting clubs prepare a write up of additional instructions to better identify rules on cart paths, hazards and out-of-bounds to help with understanding rules and maintaining pace of play.

              There was discussion about varying the starting holes for players throughout the 3 days of play. Susan Bryan announced that consideration is taken for walkers enabling them to get to the starting hole in a timely manner. 

              There was discussion about expanding the Home Course Competition divisions to include handicaps up to 54. It was proposed that the handicap be raised from 40 to 54. Motion did not pass.


Introduction of New Trustees

              Sharon Johnston (Fircrest) introduced Beth Chew (Fircrest) as a new Trustee.


New Business

              Discussion on awarding a Low Net prize for the Championship was led by Beth Chew.  It was proposed to have a low net of the field. Motion did not pass.

              Motion to elect Sally Irvine as Treasurer. Motion approved.

              Motion to elect Michelle Hood as Executive Secretary.  Motion approved.

              The Trustees thanked Beth Chew for her service and Beth passed on her WSWGA Executive Pin to Michelle Hood.




Trina Postle

Recording Secretary